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Proper nutrition has a lot to do with what we put in our mouths, but it’s also greatly influenced by what we put in our heads. In addition to adopting healthy food choices, we need to also have a healthy mindset, so that we can affect the right behavioural changes to support our nutrition goals. Partnering with us gives you the dietary edge you need to succeed.

Who We Are

Edge Dietary Consulting uses the latest technology in nutrition, genetic screening and food intolerance testing to help you make the right food choices. What you eat every day directly affects your health and performance; making the right food choices gives you the edge you need to optimise the way you feel and function.

Registered Dietician

Melissa Kelly is a registered dietician with 23 years’ clinical experience. She is a recognised speaker and nutrition expert, who has featured on radio and television shows and been interviewed for print media. She was also part of the panel of experts for Longevity Magazine, and her practical approach to nutritional counselling and behaviour change sets the trend for dietary consulting.



Why do I train so hard but still don’t lose weight? I often see this problem…

Your DNA test will give a good indication of whether your weight loss is more dependent on exercise or on diet. Your fuel mix is also very important when you train hard. Don’t just focus on protein – you need the correct fuel ingredients for efficient energy release. This also helps burn fat more effectively.

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 “I was eating more protein than fat to build and maintain my muscle mass. After an assessment of my nutritional needs, I significantly increased my carbohydrate intake. In a month, my fat percentage dropped from 24.6% to 21%. I also gained a kilogram of lean body mass. I am very impressed by the results. The eating plan is easy to follow and maintain. I sometimes actually eat more than I used to, but I have changed the type of foods I eat. I also make a concerted effort to eat regular meals and snacks.”

Gerhard van Rooyen
32 years old

What do you think about Banting? I’m often asked this question…

Banting definitely works for some people, but it is not for everyone. You need to test your DNA to see if more fat and fewer carbs will fit your genetic profile.

“In 2011, I weighed 72.9 kg, and my waist was 95 cm. I followed the portion-controlled […]

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eating plan, using the scoop provided to measure my food. I lost 8kg in weight, as well as 9cm around my waist. I then tested my DNA, which showed that I need to follow a low carbohydrate diet. I drastically reduced my carbohydrate intake, and I lost another 15 kg, as well as an additional 15.5cm around my waist. I now weigh 50kg, and have maintained this weight for the past two years. I am a new person, and I feel fantastic!

Christene Slabbert
37 years old

How long does it take to lose weight?

By developing eating intelligence you’ll see that your focus shouldn’t be the kilos you want to lose. You need to adopt a thin mindset – and that is something you can do today.

“When I first came to Edge, I was already dieting and restricting my food intake. I expected just another diet, but after learning more […]

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about the concept of portion control, I have never been on another diet! I check in every two months for a consultation and have been able to maintain a healthy weight for the past two years. I am constantly in awe at the freedom this new lifestyle has given me.”

Liesl Ebersohn
48 years old

Can I use meal replacements?

Sure, these are often far more balanced than a meal. The Edge’s meal replacement contains over 1000 mg of omega3 per serving.

“I am not overweight, am active, and I live a healthy lifestyle. However, I struggled with irritable bowel or spastic colon. Since using the meal replacement – […]

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which contains the correct fibre, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes – I am more regular, and experience much more comfort and less pain. It has also helped me tremendously with my cycling. I take part in competitive cycling events, and the additional protein helps me with performance and muscle recovery. My whole family now uses the meal replacement with me.”

Hettie de Bruyn
62 years old