Vitality Nutrition Assessments

If you’re a Discovery Vitality member, you can earn 1000 points when you have a Nutritional Assessment consultation.

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Weight Loss Rewards

Is your BMI greater or equal to 30, or between 25 and 29 with a waist greater or equal to 94cm for males, and greater or equal to 80 cm for females? Then join Vitality Weight Loss Rewards (WLR) today!

Here’s How To Activate WLR

  • Download the Discovery app on an iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Log in, navigate to the Vitality tab, and click on Vitality Weight Loss Rewards.
  • If you are eligible to join, follow the step-by-step process on the WLR app.
  • You can earn an additional 2500 Vitality points for every cycle of the journey you complete, depending on the amount of weight you lose.
  • Each WLR journey is made up of a number of 12-week cycles.