Eating Intelligence

“So many people are ready to stop dieting, but feel as though there’s no alternative for them to explore,” says Melissa. As a dietician, Melissa gives you the tools to adapt to a world with information overload about diets which changes your perspective and approach to weight loss.

Eating correctly requires focus. The Eating Intelligence formula is a ground-breaking tool that challenges you on a completely different level. It is not about just managing a diet with a misplaced focus on food intake and weight. It is about working with a formula which gives you accountability and measurability, making your results sustainable.

Eating Intelligence Formula

To understand this simple formula on how you can improve your Eating Intelligence, please email us

 Book an Eating Intelligence workshop for

  • Corporate Wellness Events
  • Retreats
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After the workshop you will

  • Understand your current negative patterns
  • Create confidence to make the right eating choices
  • Be empowered with one simple thing to do

If you’d like to take back control of your health, contact us today. We can help.