Meet Our Dietician

Melissa is nothing if not passionate about promoting nutritional health and well-being in all her clients. She combines professionalism and expertise with genuine empathy and understanding, inspiring people to make the changes necessary to live a healthier, better life.

Melissa obtained her Dietetics Degree from the University of Pretoria, where she also obtained a Diploma in Higher Education and Training practices. She was a part-time lecturer at the University in the field of nutrition education and has acted as consulting dietician for the Blue Bulls squad. She is the founder of the Scoop to Lose Company, where she developed an eating plan for adults, as well as children between the ages of two and 12 years. She is currently in private practice.

Notable Achievements

Printed Media

Melissa is actively involved in the printed media and was part of The New You in Fitness Magazine (2009). She was also a member of the panel of experts for Longevity Magazine (2014)

Public Speaking

  • Speaker: Corporate Health and Wellness Congress (July 2012)
  • Speaker: 2nd World Congress on Healthy Ageing (July 2015)
  • Speaker: 12th Continued Nutrition Education Symposium (September 2017)

Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition management of the South African Blue Bulls Squad (2011)
  • Lecturing at ETA College in the subject of Sports Nutrition (2011)

Part-Time Lecturer, University of Pretoria (2002-2005)


  • Lecturing to dietetic students
  • Development of study guides and training material. Subjects:
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Application of nutrition education principles

Dietetic Consultations and Wellness Coaching